What's new in alpha v1.01?

Browser support

Much improved browser support, you can now create amazing 3D art from any of your favourite browsers!

Until now, Womp was only supported on Chrome with an experimental warning for other browsers. But with this new update, users can now enjoy Womp on any browser of their choice, making it easier than ever to access and use our powerful 3D creation tool.

Dark mode

One of our most requested features is here!

A brand new dark mode feature that provides a distraction-free environment when using Womp. You can now work on your designs without any unnecessary distractions, and focus on bringing your ideas to life.

And if you prefer the traditional light mode, that's still an option too! Simply switch back to light mode whenever you need to, and continue creating in the way that feels most comfortable for you. Whether you're a night owl or simply looking for a more professional-looking workspace

Mirror in all axes

Multiply your creativity with our latest feature that allows you mirror your designs in any direction

Previously, users were only able to mirror in the x direction, limiting their ability to create symmetrical designs that were aligned along other axes.

With this new update, users can now mirror in any direction, using any combination of x, y, and z axes. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for users, as they can now create complex shapes and patterns that were not possible before. The ability to mirror in all axes is sure to save you time and allow you to create more intricate designs with ease.


Tired of sifting through endless list of objects? introducing groups!

A powerful new feature that allows you to group objects and other groups inside them, making it easier than ever to organize your designs. You can easily group together multiple objects, and even group those groups inside larger ones. This gives you ultimate control over your designs, and helps to keep your object list neat and tidy.

Whether you're working on a complex 3D model or a simple design, the ability to group objects is sure to save you time and keep your workflow organized. So, say goodbye to cluttered object lists and hello to a more organised workflow with the new Groups feature.

Internet health meter

Understand your Womp experience with our new health meter

The new Internet Health Meter, is an essential tool that shows you how your Womp experience will be based on critical factors such as your internet speed and distance to our nearest server.

Understanding your internet health is important because the Womp canvas is a video stream that doesn't use any of your computer resources to render 3D graphics!

Curve presets

Quickly add most commonly used curves from the primitives panel!

A powerful new feature that streamlines your design process by allowing you to quickly add commonly used curves to your projects. The droplet, square, S-shaped, and donut curve presets enable you to experiment and explore new possibilities with ease.

These presets are perfect for both experienced designers looking to fasten their workflow, and newcomers looking to experiment and explore the possibilities of curve design.


Need some inspiration? the new search feature can get your creative juices flowing

With the new Search feature, users can now easily search for publicly posted projects, hashtags, or other creators, helping them discover new sources of inspiration and connect with other like-minded individuals.

Whether you're looking to expand your horizons, discover awesome new projects, or connect with other creators, our Search feature has got your back!

Womp social on mobile

Stay connected with the Womp community on-the-go

Users can now access the Homepage and Social Pages on their mobile devices, giving them the ability to browse through amazing creations while they are out and about.

Whether you're looking for inspiration on your daily commute, or simply want to keep up with the latest projects in Womp while you're away from your computer, we've got you covered

Staff picks

Show off your Womp creations to the world! Post them publicly and let our community team take notice. Who knows, your project might just be the next big thing in our Staff Picks feature!

Every week, our community team curates a collection of new and exciting projects that showcases the potential of Womp.

These Staff Picks provide inspiration and motivation for creators of all levels and can help you explore the endless possibilities of Womp. And if you get featured, that's awesome! It's a great way to gain exposure and showcase your work to a wider audience.

Be sure to post your projects publicly so that our community team can see them and vote for them to be featured in our Staff Picks!

Lightmap rotation

Take your lighting game to the next level!

This update removes the restrictions of static lightmaps which don't rotate, giving users more control and flexibility over their lighting setups. With Lightmap Rotation, you can create stunning lighting effects that add depth and dimension to your scenes, making your projects come to life like never before.

To use this feature- after you apply a lightmap, there is a new input field called Rotate on the right side bar. And here's a special tip: lightmaps show off their reflections incredibly well on reflective surfaces, so be sure to experiment with different angles and positions to get the best results.

Many more quality of life improvements

- This update brings a 2x faster loading of projects, allowing you to get to work faster and more efficiently than ever before!

- We've improved the drag and drop user experience, making it more accurate and smooth.

- We've also made a huge UI overhaul, making Womp look friendlier and elegant.

- For those who are just starting out with Womp, we've added interactive tutorials that show up and teach newcomers the basics of the software, making it easier than ever to get started.

- A new Hottest tab on Discover shows you the most popular and trending projects in the Womp community, keeping you up-to-date with the latest and greatest designs!

- And last but not least, we've pushed a ton of bug fixes which are guaranteed to improve your Womp creation and social experience

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