Introducing Womp Pro

Introducing Womp Pro 🚀

We're thrilled to introduce Womp Pro, a new paid subscription that upgrades your Womp experience! Get access to a range of advanced features and tools that enhance your creativity and workflow. Here's what Womp Pro offers:

Lightweight mode 🎨

Included in Womp Pro is Lightweight mode, a feature offering a simplified canvas view that enhances efficiency in modeling tasks. This mode ensures a quicker workflow and an easier modeling experience by providing an option to switch between the standard and a more streamlined view seamlessly

Pro Materials ✨

Take your designs to the next level with Pro Materials' advanced settings for stunning visual customization. A set of advanced material settings to enhance the quality of your projects. Pro Materials allow for a more customized and detailed appearance, including settings like:

  • Semi-Clear (Subsurface scattering)
  • Material Thickness (IoR)
  • Surface Shine Strength (Sheen)
  • Surface Color Strength (Specular Tint)
  • Inside Color Strength (Absorption)
  • Glow (Emission)
  • Metallic Rainbow Effect (Iridescence)

Pro Materials make it straightforward to achieve a diverse range of textures and visual effects, offering enhanced control over the look and feel of each object

Super Materials 🌌

Super Materials in Womp Pro offers procedural material settings that change and adapt, adding unique visual effects. With more than 200 procedural material presets, artists have a wide variety of options to make each piece visually unique and dynamic. Super Materials provides a variety of procedural material options including stone, metals, wood, glass, scratches, brick, and clay. There are many more categories available, offering a wide selection of textures for different looks and finishes in your projects

Intersect/Stain Functions 🔗

Womp Pro includes Intersect and Stain Functions, features that provide additional ways to manipulate and combine shapes within a scene. These tools facilitate the blending and merging of elements, allowing for integrated and cohesive designs

This function highlights the areas where two or more shapes overlap, making it easy to see and work with the shared space.

Stain allows for adding designs directly onto the surface of models without modifying their structure.

Womp is all about making 3D design accessible to everyone. Our free version is packed with features that make designing straightforward and fun, at no cost. Now, we're introducing Womp Pro for those ready to take their creations to the next level with additional tools and options. While Womp remains free and accessible, Womp Pro is here to offer even more to help bring every creative idea to life.

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